Overgrown river banks at Stockbridge obscure views of reinstalled Anthony Gormley statues. Now only visible from the bridge.

Anthony Gormley’s ‘ironman’ statue has returned to the Water of Leith at Stockbridge, part of a larger installation entitled 6 TIMES which was originally installed along the length of the river in 2010. However those in the river had to be removed because the original design, which allowed the statues to tilt and submerge when the river flow reached certain levels, was unsatisfactory. So modifications have been made to the fixings so that those sculptures are now permanently fixed to their mounts.

Simon Groom, Director of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Galleries of Scotland said that they were thrilled to announce the reinstallation of Antony Gormley’s 6 TIMES, which captured the imagination of so many locals and visitors alike when first installed in 2010. He emphasised the meditative and reflective nature of the work which brought art out into the wider community along
Edinburgh’s beautiful Water of Leith.

The art installation 6 TIMES, commissioned by the National Galleries of Scotland, is made up of six life-sized figures which were moulded from the artist’s own body. They are positioned between the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (SNGMA) and the sea at Leith. Four were placed in the river,
acting as gauges for its height as the levels swelled and receded. As an enigmatic, provocative and stimulating work it draws attention to the important natural environment of the Water of Leith, running through the heart of Edinburgh.