Dean Valley Conservation Statement

The Conservation Statement was commissioned by the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust and part-funded by Historic Scotland (now Historic Environment Scotland) in 2014. Its purpose is to establish a basic understanding of the Dean Valley as a whole and how the three private gardens interact with the walkway landcsape. It addresses common issues and develops management policies for the whole designed landscapes. It also outlines a possible early action programme for the Council-owned walkway along the Dean Valley. It was published in July 2015.     

Dean Valley Biodiversity Scoping Document

The biodiversity scoping document for the Dean Valley was commissioned by us with funding from the City Neighbourhood partnership to review nature conservation issues and linkages to the Edinburgh Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

Progress report - August 2016

Progress report as of August 2016

Land ownership issues - July 2016

This paper summarises issues of legal land ownership and possible outcomes relating to the possible regeneration of the Dean Valley. In particular, this seeks to indicate what, if any, may be the possible consequences for City of Edinburgh Council over maintenance and particularly what, if any, additional obligations may arise. It also seeks to summarise what legal work may be required either in advance of the anticipated work being carried out.